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What now, Larry? AWS boss insists Amazon will have dumped Oracle database by end of 2019


The best thing about Oracle is that they provide work for about half of the lawyers in the US:

- Oracle vs. Rimini Street has just ended (2010-2018),

- Oracle vs. Google just made it to the supreme court (since 2010),

- Oracle vs. the US Department of Labor just started (a complaint about Blacks/Asians being underpaid),

- Oracle vs. the DoD (and recently AWS) has just started,

- Oracle vs. Ecplise (Java EE / Jakarta) might be next..

Tough luck, Oracle.

To make it worse: MySQL is far behind PostgreSQL and others. Many companies consider moving away from Java after the new pricing policy. Many companies don't like Oracles Java anyway because licensing issues. And SQL Server's functionality is getting closer to Oracle's overpriced DB every year.

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