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Customers furious over days-long outage as A2 Hosting scores a D- in Windows uptime


Exactly my thought. Shit happens, though I put questions at the length of time it is taken to restore and get back up online. BUT.... the whole stonewalling customers and leaving them hanging, there is just no excuse for that. THAT is not an accident or some unlucky external factor playing havock, but is a bad and unprofessional decision from the ppl running A2 hosting. And THAT decision will be the noose by which they are hanging themselves up and the reason customers will flock away. If they had communicated and given me some information, even if that was 'sorry but it will take us at least a month and we don't have backups from the last 2 months' I would have known where I and my business stand (therefore making it possible to take some action and inform clients etc.). Now I'm left in limbo and so are my clients. Unforgivable.

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