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Oracle co-honcho Mark Hurd can't wait to turn your $1 of IT support spend into $4 of pay-as-you-go cloud revenue

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mmm, mana nutrition don't pay what others do

note the bit "NetSuite supports more than 1,300 nonprofits and social enterprises globally. MANA is currently benefitting from Suite Pro Bono as part of the NetSuite Social Impact program, which provides nonprofit and social enterprises with coaching and support from NetSuite employees. MANA was also able to utilize the discounted licensing the NetSuite Social Impact program provides to nonprofits, which has helped MANA lower the prices of RUTF for its international aid customers."

which is nice, BUT not honest bringing them in to sing praise about the product. (smells of cash/free work for premotion).

And even if true would have been cheaper not to use oracle shit they are now locked into. (at this point migrating would be more than mana nutrition is worth).

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