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Customers furious over days-long outage as A2 Hosting scores a D- in Windows uptime


No responses on any of the tickets I have open (one is entitled 'Your chat agent pasted a response and cut me off' and another 'You closed this ticket without replying so I reopened it', the last update on their internal status feed was nearly 40 hours ago saying they were restoring 'the Singapore database server', must be the one I'm on if there's just the one there, but nothing since, I'm not an ops guy but 40 hours seems like an awfully long time to be restoring a server unless they're typing it back in from a hardcopy.

It does look rather like they're either sitting back re customer comms or the building has burned down or something (maybe the guy that designed the network architecture tried to rewire a mains plug or something).

It seems they use a lot of remote techs for support, so the poor folk on the end of the chat probably really have no idea what is going on either, rather than stone-walling, which I assumed at first.

We gave up waiting, migrated, restored from a recent-ish DB backup I happened to take locally to fix a bug and the business are literally re-keying stuff from the bin and from memory. We're a small outfit and empty our own bins, so it doesn't happen much.

At this point it really doesn't matter what they come up with as it'll be quicker to finish re-keying than to work out how to merge the backup into what our latest data is now even if it is more recent than the one I downloaded, which seems unlikely. As such, I no longer care if they can identify which client I am from my angry posts here and put our restore to the end of the list in spite.

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