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Customers furious over days-long outage as A2 Hosting scores a D- in Windows uptime

Paris Hilton

Nothing compares to A2

It's been 14 hours and 6 long days,

Since you took my servers away,

I stay in every day and can't sleep at night,

Since you took my servers away,

Since they've been gone I can't do anything I want,

Can't do anything I choose,

I can't go out to eat in a fancy restaurant,

Cos nothing

I said nothing can take away these blues (well, apart from getting my bleedin' data back !)

Cause nothing compares

Nothing compares to A2

It's been such a nightmare without you here

Like a business without a database

Nothing can stop these angry phone calls from coming bored....

Not one of my servers is back, it'll be a week in a few hours. Still no idea what data will be there when something does return.

Already migrated, but running with stale data and re-keying and re-stocktaking.

Last update 22 hours ago.

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