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Fujitsu 'continues to bludgeon through' UK, Ireland job cuts – union

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An endless circle of reorganisation results in organisational chaos and loss of direction, which means fewer people trying to do a job which simply means stuff goes undone. - going European was never going to end well, - the German Works councils will see to that, which means the axe always falls on those with lesser employment protection rights.

IBM / EDS / HP have all done it and look how that ended - jobs to the lower cost East, customers left high and dry through lack of contact and expertise.

In the race to the bottom everyone, EVERYONE loses.. doesn't matter which market or industry.. We have to focus on ADDED VALUE to justify the higher price, not flogging commodities..

The only thing you can do is keep your skills marketable and keep developing your own knowledge so you are not left holding Windows XP support - or whatever when your skills are no longer relevant you are sunk.

A bit off topic, but watch how long it takes Peugeot to shut Ellesmere Port and other non German manufacturing plants, I give it five years, max.

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