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Dave Vagus

I feel for A2

As someone who works in the firing line, I feel for the A2 techs. Last week must have been a nightmare for them. The stress levels would have been through the roof. Unless I'm missing something, it seems their competence is being criticized without due awareness of what really went on behind the scenes. Perhaps A2 was the victim of a rogue employee, or the testbed of some fancy new malware, or they were targeted by a top tier hacker. Who knows, perhaps their machines were infected at the firmware level before they were even delivered onsite, with the malware only awakening from hibernation last week. Yes, it is a stretch but the reality is, given the information above, we don't know why this happened in this case.

What I do know is that the advantage is almost always with the attacker. If you polled sys admins globally, I'm sure a high percentage of them would register as not confident their systems would survive a concerted attack by a skilled hacking team.

Because of all this, whenever I read a disaster story like the above, I don't pick up stones and join the mob. I instead think: "but for the grace of God go I".

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