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Their Backups Are Affected

One of my sites is back up, while the other isn't working from their restore. I have e-mails again, BUT I'm missing over month's worth of e-mails from all accounts I have with them.

I had a chat with their support, for which you need to wait hours before you get to talk to someone, with those who have paid for premium support pushing in front of you. They told me that they have suffered a malware attack (as another commenter already indicated) and that their backups were also affected, so they don't currently have anything newer to restore. I asked them whether they were going to pay to get their files decrypted and the chat representative said that nothing had been announced yet - so basically he is as clueless as the rest of us.

Way before this incident I've written reviews of A2 Hosting online which slated their technical support as being incredibly poor and also their indifference to security at offering Webmail without SSL (yes, in 2018 and probably still today - their support claims that some system they use doesn't support SSLs for each account, but they didn't seem to grasp that they shouldn't be offering Webmail without SSL). But even I didn't expect this kind of level of complete incompetence from them. If they don't manage to get my e-mails back, they can expect to be reported to the ICO by me.

If anyone would like to recommend a quality budget hosting alternative which provides ASP.Net hosting, then I'd love to hear about it. I'm currently looking at eUKHost, but aren't sure. I used to be with ICDSoft which were amazing, but sadly they don't do Windows.

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