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Customers furious over days-long outage as A2 Hosting scores a D- in Windows uptime

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96 hours+ after the outage began, well past their 'before the weekend' promise there are no updates for over 4 hours on their status page, their @A2Hosting_alert feed or my open ticket politely asking when our specific servers might be in the mood again.

Still no information on whether, when they do manage to dig an uninfected punched card backup out from behind a filing cabinet and get their vaunted 'highly trained team of monkeys' to type it all back in, that it'll be from the night before this debacle began, or how long before that.

A dozen or so server names have been mentioned in the now epic 'system status' thread as having been recovered and now back online but no impression of how much of the oft-mentioned 'recovery process' is actually complete, how many servers are left to recover, which are being worked on now or why on earth it's all taking so long.

We have no email, no ftp, no database, no web server - it's fair to say that we have no business.

How to mortally wound your hosting company : Have a 4-day outage.

How to make damn sure of the job with an ice pick : Resist the urge to tell users anything and be as vague and generic as possible when you are forced to. Under no circumstances give any indication as to how complete the process is.

"We will provide more updates as they are made available." - made available by whom ? - is the recovery being done by séance or something ? - see those guys in lab coats over there running around with their hair on fire ? - go ask one of them !

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