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Databricks launches open-source project to drain all your data swamps into info lakes


Please rebrick me, don't let me go

I imagined it was going to be an actual brick. Save your life's digital work in a brick. So that after you die and the relatives dumpster your possessions and rifle your bank accounts to live the high life for a year (or even a minute ...), there's still a chance some future archaeologist could recover the digital essence of you. I also imagined that the brick would be stored in the bottom of a lake, but it does make more sense that it be used as a brick in a building. At least, ecologically it makes more sense.

Getting back to the actual story--this seems a praiseworthy piece of software, if it works as advertised on the packet. I wonder if something like it could be used to turn a kazillion DNA tests into a large family tree. Human analysis of shared DNA segments deals with one comparison at a time. Why not deal with a kazillion ^ 2 all in one go?

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