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Welcome to Sweden

Welcome to Sweden, where men have to pass a telephone interview, a psych evaluation, a 3 hour hands-on test and then hopefully you get the job.

If however, you are female, you can become a team leader, a supervisor or even a director with no qualifications and never having looked after a team of anyone. The only qualifications for the job if you are female is that you are female. If you are a female minority then you will go even further.

Diversity is fine, but can we not level the playing field and have educated or at least experienced females in these positions?

I've worked for three big name Swedish companies, they all had female team leaders and female managers (in each case with more female management than male) and they hired them so they can say they hire females and look at us, we're so diverse. With very few exceptions, they were all incapable and unqualified for the job. Then they get trained up, and leave. Don't believe me ? Ask someone who works at Scania, or Volvo or Statoil or pretty much any big Swedish company. Even female staff complained it was embarrassing that all the upper management women were incompetent.

So yeah, welcome to Sweden where if you are also white male you will be discriminated against and there's nothing you can do about it .

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