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Yes, genetic preference does seem to play a role. gay twin studies and the like.

More importantly, WTF is it any of your business what someone’s sexual preference is? Even if it is 200% their choice? as long as they don’t harass you? I’m a white straight guy and, while tolerant of gay people, I find the physicality of having sex with a man quite repulsive to me.

But that’s quite OK, I am not going to bed with a guy by accident, am I? I’ve been propositioned a few times and I’ve generally taken it as a compliment and politely declined. I’ve also broken off with a friend who kept on asking.

And, yes, there are plenty of mannerisms that grate on my nerves and will make me avoid someone on a friend level. But that’s still their business and deserves no judgment from me aside from me preferring to spend my time elsewhere.

I just don’t get people who are so insecure and judgmental about sexual orientation.

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