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Unfortunately many Indians feel the need to enter the IT arena not out of a love of the field, or even a mild interest—but because it's what everyone else is doing, and they see it as their best or possibly even only way out. Their infastructure relies so much on tech- and medical-trained employees that anything else seems like pipe dream. You make the most money in IT, people are always hiring for IT, companies are always springing up for IT. And when you make it for a few years, you can go do some overseas work, in a country with less polution and better amenities. It's a win/win for the employees if they can make it, but for everyone else it's terrible. Why do you think there's so many Indian tech scammers? Because there's tonnes of out-of-work and fresh-out-of-school IT bodies that either don't meet the criteria for more up-and-up companies, just got laid off and need quick cash, or are looking to make a lot of money for little effort. To them it's a way to put food on the table, which is the most important thing when you live in the slums, which is a very common place for small scam operations, and the idea that the poor granny that just got her identity stolen will die penniless is almost completely ignored due to that and other similar reasons. Take all of these reasons and apply them to Indian doctors and nurses, by the way; very similar scenario, though the wellbeing of the occupants of the country is also of great concern to your average Indian practitioner in addition to the other reasons stated above.

It doesn't help that the Indian government, seeing IT and medicine as such huge markets, pushes for them constantly and re-invests much of its earnings right back in, be it in the form of new IT and medical schools and programs when there's already one down the street, to better Internet in your local crumbling 50 year old building. No matter how much can be claimed about the technical and medical advances of that country, the fact that it's over-polluted, decaying, often lacking in basic first-world amenities, and has a large population of people living in poverty does not bode well for its continued existence... Not to forget, a shocking number of actually well-trained people leave the country for good to practice their trade in other countries, adding more fuel to the failing to the fire.

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