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The problem is that if you wanted actual cops on planes, you are talking about a $15 billion dollar a year expense. There are 43,000 flights operating in the US each day, average ticket cost is $500, so you are looking at $21.5 million per day in just airfare (A cost that is either going to have to be absorbed by taxpayers of other air travelers). Then you have the hourly wages of the cops themselves, plus accommodations when they are away from home, cost of training...

And all for what? A few minor crimes that are so rare that one makes international news? Especially when its easy enough to just let the port authority cops handle it when the flight lands. For the extremely rare violent passenger, the flight crew does have access to restraints. The perpetrator of a crime isn't going to be able to go anywhere until the plane lands, and even if they do somehow escape, the airline has all the information law enforcement would need to track them down.

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