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We know you all want to shove AI where the sun doesn't shine. And that's exactly where it's going – detecting prostate cancer


Seems pretty good

So it's a pretty good system, that can help with a skills shortage by assisting trained experts get a "cheap" second opinion.

"So, anally speaking, human experts beat a neural network in an academic study that isn't in production use."

A human trained as a physician, who then spent a decade working doing the same task. And it was fairly close. So it's pretty good at doing a SINGLE diagnostic interpretive task. From a dataset of less than a thousand cases. Plus they had the same false positive rate, which means they make similar mistakes.

If I'd help build something like that, I'd be proud. It's not going to replace a physician, but it's going to help them do their jobs. If that means we can all get MRI scans and not die young, that would be great :)

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