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It is good value. The cost per core is not really important, it's the interconnect (Tofu) that makes using those cores in big science applications fast.

With that, the peak:average performance ratio across a range of application types is close to 1:1. With just a large number of ordinary computers on an Ethernet, this ratio would be much, much lower for most tasks.

Tofu is completely mind bending (6 dimensional hypertoroid mixed up with a 4 dimensional hypercube), and they build it into the CPUs for the full effect of ultra - low latencies. A lot of other machines use infiniband, I think using PCIe NICs, which is fast but I don't think it's as good as Tofu.

The predecessor machine, K, was notable in this regard, meaning that it's benchmark figures were very good and very translatable into application performance.

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