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"They simply won't say 'no' when asked if they understood what was just said, as they don't want to offend. They don't offer up ideas in case they are deemed 'wrong' and they certainly don't pipe up when they know something is broken as many of them rely on their work visa to be able to live in western countries - they fear they will be sacked.

The problem isn't the people, it's the way they are trained."

Great explanation. This has been exactly my experience. Many of the problems I've had (in the US) working with people in India can be traced back to those differences in culture and work situations.

For example, if I reply to a request with "oh yes yes" that's a clear affirmation. In India, it's a polite way to say the request was too much. This phrase alone has led to much anguish.

If I'm handed an impossible task, or I think I'm being asked the solve the wrong problem, I'll speak up. Better to clean up a misunderstanding before it goes too far. The Indian tech market is cut-throat. If asked to do the impossible, you will do it or your replacement will.

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