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Anyone who has worked with IT staff trained in India will understand the cultural difficulties in relying on the majority of such employees when it comes to pro-activeness and the reporting of problems.

They simply won't say 'no' when asked if they understood what was just said, as they don't want to offend. They don't offer up ideas in case they are deemed 'wrong' and they certainly don't pipe up when they know something is broken as many of them rely on their work visa to be able to live in western countries - they fear they will be sacked.

The problem isn't the people, it's the way they are trained. Unless you can adapt your own practices to take these factors into account you will always struggle to get what you pay for. On the other hand if you can work out how to overcome these differences in approach then they can be remarkably helpful and loyal - but that's a soft skill that doesn't translate well onto a CV.

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