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still seems flakey

Disclaimer I've never personally used any of the hyperconverged stuff.

I've been a vmware customer for 20 years (back when vmware was a linux product that ran on the desktop), Vmware GSX/Server and later ESX for 15 years or so now.

But I'm quite shocked to read complaints about simple stuff causing problems on VSAN, the one that sticks out to me the most is multiple comments from users running VSAN on Dell hardware where they have a hard disk or SSD fail and NEITHER Dell NOR VMware can figure out which physical drive it is! I mean that has got to be the most basic of basic things. Even doubly so for a company like Dell who basically own VMware. I mean the word shocking doesn't even justify how bad that is to me. I'm sure it doesn't happen all the time, and doesn't happen that way for all customers but still that is just so basic.

I've read a bunch of other stuff from VSAN users over the past couple of years but that one stood out the most. I even brought it up with my Vmware rep recently when he asked me about VSAN and he didn't even try to defend it, just said it is likely just because Dell and VMware are different groups so they still have issues figuring it out.

In my mind at least especially for a Dell platform with VSAN, that should have full integration with DRAC and/or whatever else is storage related to immediately identify the bad storage resource, should not have to hunt it down.

I haven't read much about Nutanix by contrast but that is mainly because I don't follow anything Nutanix related, I do follow some Vmware stuff and VSAN often pops up as a result of course.

Hyper converged storage has always sounded nice on paper, the concepts and cost savings and stuff sound really nice. But my personal experience with storage over the past 15+ years tells me storage is really difficult to get right. And while HCI tries hard to simplify the management aspects of storage by abstracting it more the underlying complexity goes up quite a bit, which just invites bugs. Whether it is in software, or firmware, or interoperability etc. It just scares me (for anything beyond single digit numbers of servers).

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