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Zero inroads, are you serious? So firstly full disclosure, yes I'm in 'Kings Guard' with exposure of North American and UK markets. VxRail is doing phenomenal in Large Commercial and Enterprise the customer base and use cases are huge. In those ultra price sensitive and really small edge deployments we now have this nailed by having a robust 2 node deployment so the space occupied by the Scale Computings/Pivot is now covered.

When you say 'subsidizing', the characterization is almost along the lines of anti-competitive. This isn't the case as the players in this space whether its traditional storage such as Pure or startup HCI players are all selling at a loss to buy customer share.

You mention performance issues, suggest subsidizing as if some kind of big bully. The reality is the IT market isn't particularly forgiving of bad products/looking for a problem to solve. If you compare the scenario of MS trying to shove windows phones down everyone's throat's, the market voted iOS/Android for the reasons it did. The market is voting in droves VxRail because of the strength of the product, the ability of us to support it end to end, performance, simplicity, VMware everywhere etc...

Dell EMC isn't winning because the product is cheap, its winning because its good, if you think its because its cheap, I think you're being a bit cynical as there's enough examples of great technology that has gone from zero to hero, taking on the incumbents and disrupting the market.

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