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Where are my emigration papers?

The definition of a terrorist (from memory, I can't actually look it up anymore) is someone that uses fear, violence or threats to coerce and get what they want, usually political ends.

I declare UKIP a terrorist organisation.

Since they started with Brexit - The economy has tanked, business are fleeing these shores, the political stability of NI, Gibraltar and the Union are in jeopardy, various emergency powers have been put in place (No deal, emergency stock piling, 10000 police on stand by) because they want some dodgy agenda of keeping Farage in the press. And they do it by spreading spurious rumours and (Now proven) lies with no come back against them, threatening our very existence if we don't do what they say (Kick out foreigners, people of a different faith, break trade agreements etc) to get what they want. (Assuming they know anymore)

So anyone that reads their rubbish should be arrested and sent down immediately.

So it can be used in our favour. Just saying.

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