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Will it be a return to voiceovers?

By dubbing over "terrorist propganda" you could argue it was now a disapssionate recitation of waht that group believes, rather than the original terrorist propoganda.

I'm not in favour of such excessive censorship as it's always useful to actually know what people / organisations are saying directkly ather than what is fikltered through media reports.

I'm also old enough to remember how the bad guys can become the good guys (and vise versa)

Somewhere (unless its being incinerated by now) are files and photos taken of me attending anti apartheid demonstartions where representatives of the (then white SA) government were present. UK govt of the time denounced the ANC as terrorists. Fast forward to the present day and Mandela went to his grave a hero / sainted figure to many and was praised by the majority of UK politicians.

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