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most of these hackers are too young to recognise the reference to a 1995 movie that was *well* ahead of its time..

And now I suddenly feel old. Thanks for that.

Much of what the movie got right they took from the books as far as I recall. Though you still have to give credit, they actually brought in a real connection machine (programmed to have the lights show rather usesless patterns, but still, it was a real, working, large computer in a Hollywood movie). They even showed compilation taking a very long time (predating the xkcd on this subject by a large margin) and hacking (trying to work out what the white rabbit object did) not really working (none of this modern "mash keyboard to show "HACKING ALERT" and get all the encrypted files in seconds). No, it was more of a needing to read the compiled assembler and core dumps, by which time everyone would be eaten by the rather live and now loose "attractions".

Then they did the cringeworthy "this is UNIX, I know this!" scene. Talk about whiplash...

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