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Shitting on the competition?

What competition? NXOS vs ACI?

ACI does try to solve software problems using hardware solutions. This can’t be argued. In fact, it could be its greatest feature. In a world like VMware where adding networking through VIBs can be a disaster (even NSX blows up sometimes with VUM... which no one sets up properly anyway), moving as much networking as possible out of the software is probably a good thing.

Using a proper software define solution such as Docker/K8S, OpenFlow, Hyper-V extensible switch, or even NSX (if you just can’t escape VMware) with a solid layer-3 solution like NXOS... or any other BGP capable layer-3 switch is generally a much better design than using a solution like ACI which separates networking from the software.

It’s 2019, we don’t deploy VMs using OVFs and next-next-next-finish things anymore. We create description files like YAML or AWS/Azure specific formats and automate the deployment method and define the network communication of the system as part of a single description.

ACI didn’t work for this. So Cisco made Contiv and by the time the market started looking at ACI+Contiv as a solution, Cisco had basically abandoned the project... which left us all with Calico or OpenFlow for example... which are not ACI friendly.

Of course, NSX doesn’t control ACI since they are different paradigms.

Hyper-V extensible switch doesn’t do ACI, so Cisco released an ACI integration they showed off at Live! As few years back and then promptly abandoned.

NXOS works well with all these systems and most of these systems document clearly how they recommend they are configured. Microsoft even publishes Cisco switch configurations as part of their SDN Express git.

So... which competition are you referring to?

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