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Servers + Fabric + VMware license + Hyperfles storage license + Windows Server Enterprise licenses + backup licenses (Veeam?) Firewall + Load balancer + server engineering hours + network engineering hours + backup engineering hours + Microsoft hours...

You need two stacks of (three servers + two leaf and two spine + 2 ASR1000 or 2 border leafs + 2 firewall nodes, 2 load balancers) and whatever else I’m forgetting.

If you can get a reliable Hyperflex environment up with VMware and Microsoft license and all the hours involved for less than $1.6 million, you probably have no clue what you’re doing.... and I specifically said retail. And architecting, procuring, implementing and testing etc... a redundant Hyperflex environment requires several hundred hours of what I hope are skilled engineers.

I’ve done the cost analysis multiple times on this. We came in under $1.2 million a few times, but that was by leaving out things like connecting the servers to the UPS management system and cutting corners by using hacked fabric solutions like skipping the border leafs or trying to do something stupid like trading in core switches and trying to make the ACI fabric double as a core switch replacement. Or leaving out location independence etc...

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