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Why so coy?..

Given that Americans highrises are usually not nick-named with the same disparaging sense of humour as in the UK I'm surprised that the local nickname was not used in the story. Its known as The Dildo to locals..

A very suitable name for what is in reality a really ugly building.

The only other highrise in The City that has a name that stuck is The Pyramid, a.k.a The Transamerica Pyramid. Unlike The Dildo which is a real eyesore The Pyramid is a genuinely beautiful building and has been a real addition to the skyline for the last 40 plus years. And I suspect The Pyramid will sail through the next big earthquake just fine but The Dildo may not do so well. Floating foundations on a near shoreline site works, floating foundations on what was once a shallow inlet was never going to be a good idea. You can build something this big on the bedrock of Rincon Hill but not in what was the muddy shallows of the Bay back in the days of Yerba Buena..

Its unlikely to fall down, well bits might fall off, but I would not be very surprised if it ends up Red Tagged after the next 7.0M plus earthquake Not the 15 sec belch of 1989 but a proper 45 / 60 sec shaker. Or even a good 90 to 120 secs if the seismic geology is particularly unfavorable. A really big one, 180 sec plus of severe shaking, then all bets are off. Just like in Kobe in 1995, and Mexico City in 1985, a whole lot of big buildings will be coming down. And high mass buildings on floating foundations like The Dildo will be Red Tagged. But as the Bay Bridge will have collapsed, properly this time, this will not be the biggest news story after the next Big One hits.

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