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but none of our cats are white and they won't sit still for long enough anyway

Number 7 cat is relatively normal[1] and will actually come and sit on a lap if you sit still long enough. Although, she is only 18 months old and gets bored easily[2] and soon leaves.

[1] Compared to our other cats anyway. Although that's not a terribly high bar[3]..

[2] Which means her attention span is measured in the seconds rather than tens of seconds..

[3] There's the female that thinks she's a dog, the one that's paranoid[4] about everything, even her own mother, the one that still seems to think she's a kitten, even though she had kittens when we rescued her (and now has a pelvis held together with titanium and no tail after forgetting her Green Cross Code), the two ex-feral farm cats with multiple personality disorder and the other cat that thinks he's a dog..

[4] She's a calico (who are paranoid at the best of times) but she raises it to a whole new level. We suspect that's she even thinks her paranoia is out to get her..

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