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Here's what Lynch, Hussain and HPE are saying about Autonomy pre-buyout due diligence

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All quite clear

... admitted he hadn't read Autonomy's quarterly accounts for the two periods in 2011 immediately before HP acquired the company – and neither did he read KPMG's draft due diligence report, no final report having been submitted.

Well ...

This seems to clear it all up rather nicely, no?

Buying an expensive used car?

You check out all the relevant papers, talk to the present insurance agent and have your trusted repair/body shop have a good look at it.

Bought it on a whim, in a rush without doing all that?

Then you're a certified idiot.

And if you're using your old lady's money to buy it, you are also in very deep shit.

Be sure that if this deal would have depended on a line of credit or leverage from a bank consortium, it would not have gone through.


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