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Real life uses for 5G

Good on them and I like hearing about innovation and technological progress. However...

As I walked through the halls at MWC at the end of February I could not help but think that the economic case for carrier deployment of 5G (in terms of higher speed mobile connectivity) is simply not there. One display boasted of multi-gigabit connectivity to your handset. For what please?

Now over time I am sure this will happen and some real clever augmented reality stuff and immersive technology may tickle the bandwidth capabilities of 5G, but building a case for it with the use cases I saw will be difficult due to the significant increase in base station locations that are required.

5G factories - why? Use indoor wifi or wired connections

5G remote surgery - over my (dead) body...

autonomous cars - should do edge processing and have their own awareness of surroundings rather than relying on external feeds (i.e. kind of like humans) and are still some time away from mass adoption

real time gaming - let that happen in fibre connected homes

Let's see what Trump's 6G will bring ;-)

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