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US government tells internet body to hurry the funk up on privacy

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Indeed. And as Kieren describes, this is a remnant of the "early days" of the internet. After all, when people we playing around with their Mosaic and Tripod accounts, creating/ registering family websites for their holiday snaps or quirky hobbies, the idea was that the internet was for everybody, connecting people, creating a global village. I clearly remember companies scratching their heads "what to do with this new internet thing". Remarks referring to "" and such other details show an experience and approach, assuming a "corporate internet", ditching these earlier ideas.

In the end, the only thing that counts is that there is legislation (GDPR) that applies and has to be complied to, something that between continents sometimes is difficult to comprehend (admit?). And for the long run, it is really about time that the global internet is governed by an international/ global in stead of some national institution.

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