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US government tells internet body to hurry the funk up on privacy


It was created in the very early days of the internet and the information was published online but, as the internet grew, so did concerns about that information being made freely available.

The intent of this whois setup was to allow everyone on the internet be able to contact a select source for abuse of the internet..

But the recommendations do not address the biggest issue: who is entitled to view the "non public" parts of the system, which means people's phone numbers, email addresses and home addresses.

I don't get it. The past few years "idiots" insist on using personal email addresses for the "abuse" address. Why? When I see a personal address in that field, I automatically think it is a faked address. What ever happened to the good days of the "" email address formats??? I would even be willing to accept the word abuse translated into your local language. When we had that abuse address as looking like a valid abuse mailbox, there _was no_ personal addresses that were easy to find. If only folks would go back to the original standard....

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