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VietNam Has Live Demo 5G Systems

HuaWei has at least two 5G demo systems (Ha Noi and Ho Chi Minh City / SaiGon) that have at least two base stations in each system.

There are several demo mobiles (buses) in both cities, emblazoned with information.

One base station in Ho Chi Minh City / SaiGon is located about a kilometre from the River SaiGon in the Thủ Thiêm New Urban Area in District 2. The station is fed through a fibre optic cable. The antennae are relatively low in height (demo system) but are pumping out an RF signal measured in hundreds of watts. The system is active, and can be seen on a spectrum analyser.

Security is a ring of two chain-link fences and floodlights.

There are several different style handsets that can be seen in the demo buses.

Fibre Optic feeds shouldn't be a challenge since feeds extend even to small villages.

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