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although there IS men's makeup out there, most men don't need to cover up the lines, wrinkles, and scars, nor enhance their lips or eyes, to make women want them. [I could go on and talk about having hundred dollar bills hanging out of your pockets, being the big spender, dressing in expensive clothes, driving a BMW or a Mercedes or a Rolls or a Jaguar, and so on, but I won't. I don't need to go there. Heh]

'cosmetics' in stores _includes_ specialized face/body wash though, as I recall. I haven't worked in a store for decades, but that one had a YUGE cosmetics department... yeah it's a major moneymaker! And you always seem to find 'that sort of thing' in or near the cosmetics department.

There seems to be a small market for men's makeup for politicians and actors and rich people who want to look 'camera worthy' all of the time. Lots of presidents have used makeup for this purpose, including Reagan, Clinton, and probably Trump. I suppose you could consider it to be more like 'stage makeup' but who knows. So I guess there's a market for it. Just not a big one.

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