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although I agree that certain products (like cosmetics) probably are affected by sex and race, the assertion here is that racial or sex stereotypes are driving the ad placement... and possibly denying certain opportunities to women or members of minority races. The example I'm thinking of is the advertisement for janitorial jobs primarily to black people. That's a *little* degrading at the least, don' you think?

I think the solution may be simple: don't declare your sex nor race online. Always answer "I do not identify myself" or "other" or "not specified". Then the discrimination will STOP.

aka if you want a color-blind society, we have to STOP focusing on 'color'. Best way to do that: don't give them the info in the FIRST place.

(recently I had the opportunity, on a google or apple related thing, to specify my 'gender' as something OTHER than male or female. I chose 'other' and wrote in 'hyper male', using 'he' as a pronoun. heh)

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