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@Peter Griffin

I didn't bring race into this you did and I was purposely staying away from that. Race is an highly emotive subject and very easy to use to beat someone down with so they shut up and don't argue. It's actually probably just other demographics at play. How do we know for certain that these targeted ads are completely biased towards black people rather than black people make up the most of the demographic that the advertiser wanted to target? It doesn't always have to be about race or gender.

If and only if someone deliberately developed an algorithm that said white people shouldn't be shown janitorial jobs could you say there was definitely a deliberately racist bias. I sincerely hope that hasn't happened here. I personally can't imagine that is a purposeful decision that someone made though. If that was the case then no white people would be shown the ads for janitors at all. How do you even code bias like that in? Genuine question to anyone who may know the answer.

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