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So if I'm advertising a breast pump I can't target my ad at women only? If I'm advertising ED pills I can't target my ad at men only? I have to waste half my ad budget on people who will never buy my product?

Discrimination is only a problem when it is applied at something where it matters - i.e. targeting a job ad for an IT Director at men only. If I was a woman living in a two bedroom apartment needing to rent out the other room, I should hope I'd be within my rights to refuse to rent to men, and therefore advertise only to women. It would be a different matter if I owned the apartment, and wanted to rent only to women. But even there some discrimination should be possible - if you have apartments in a development targeted for senior living, you should be able to advertise only to those over 65 (or whatever age you determine "senior" to be) since you would only rent to those above a certain age.

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