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Facebook ad platform discriminates all on its own, say boffins

I sound like Peter Griffin!!


Both of you need to take a second look at what you've just typed, and compare it starkly with what has been stated in the article.

The very specific issue of 'unwanted' bias was highlighted with respect to the jobs, housing and credit ad placement scenarios, not tampons and lipstick.

@Mark 85 - "..So now it has to be gender neutral and ethnic neutral advertisng only.." NO - but where there is NO NEED to target people along these lines, the platform should not be seen to be doing so anyway. Why aren't both genders and ethnicities receiving ads for both jobs? White people can't janitor? Black people can't lumber..?

@Martin Summers - so you're saying white people in USA shouldn't be shown janitorial jobs because black people were "...never offended and didn't realise they should have been in the first place..." ..? They complain about this ALL the time; literally ALL the time. They DO feel offended and they DO realise there's a bias. It's usually impossible to prove and subsequently gain recompense from a biased ad platform with the clout of FaceBook, but that doesn't mean their 'systematic bias' suspicions are incorrectly placed or non existent..

Read carefully folks - perspective looks like a caliedescope, not a telescope....

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