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Facebook ad platform discriminates all on its own, say boffins

Martin Summers Silver badge

A massage therapist I use had her advert on Facebook flagged up for review because she chose for it only to be seen by women. She took this decision to prevent the many creepy advances she gets from men. They said it could be seen as gender discrimination. Yet it seems they can quite happily let their system distribute ads in a biased fashion of its own accord.

You could scream bias and bigotry or you could just accept facts that the adverts are being shown more than likely to just the people you want them to be shown to and that the system is being effective based on the realities of this world. Society needs to have a grown up conversation with itself about this. Most of the time no harm is intended or is in fact done by anything such as this. What are they trying to achieve with this really? Adverts for makeup and sanitary products shown to everyone male female etc because it's wrong to be biased?Realistically thousands of pounds wasted by advertisers because someone took offence yet again on behalf of someone else that was never offended and didn't realise they should have been in the first place.

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