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Lord forbid you do any research.

As it says right in the fucking article, trials are pending against Viner and Gaskill.

The county DA declined to bring charges against the police officer who shot Finch. That's because like most prosecutors he's chickenshit.1 The close and symbiotic relationship between law enforcement and state prosecutors has a chilling effect on holding the police to account, except in cases of gross malfeasance, or when the US DOJ decides there's a civil rights case to be made (a decision which is largely political).

The phone company is blameless in this case. Barriss called a non-police number at City Hall, and convinced someone there to transfer him to a non-emergency police number.

All of this is well-documented.

1This is a term of art for US prosecutors. It refers to at least two phenomena: prosecutors who are reluctant to bring cases to trial that might be unpopular or they have a good chance of losing (cf. The Chickenshit Club); and certain prosecutorial strategies which were once seen as unacceptable but are now widely used, such as prosecuting for lying to a Federal officer (cf. a post by Ken White on Popehat which I can't be bothered to search for).

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