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Eight meg? We used to *dream* of eight meg...

Back when I was a Student Apprentice at Racal in the mid-80s (complete with indenture papers), I drew the short straw for compute resources. I got the VT220 (not even a nice Wyse) onto our file server - a 2 Mbyte Sun-2/x80 (can't remember 180 or 280 without looking) serving ten diskless 2M Sun-2/50s and /60s, each with one user on the big screen and one on a Wyse, via good old thick-as-yer-thumb Ethernet.

That server was a wee bit busy.

I had a choice of vi (128k binary) or emacs (2M binary) as my editor. On a 2M machine.

Unsurprisingly, I learned vi. Those who remember their VT codes will also be unsurprised to learn that I used hjkl to navigate rather than the cursor keys; the editor could stall for several seconds at times, sometimes midway through processing a cursor key press, leading to it believing I'd pressed ESC, paused, and then ] ... whatever. Most irritating.

I still use vim on Linux, gvim on Windows; and I've rather liked the VS2019 previews, they've run remarkably well on my rather more modern dev box that probably cost me less than the VT220 would have done in 1985!

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