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Oh really?

It goes without saying that if you find your Asus computer (or a machine you administer) on the list you will want to get in touch with law enforcement as well as scrub the machine of the software nasty

This is Intel and ASUS. I'd suggest scrubbing the machine in the bath, then setting fire to the remains in a remote location while wearing a hazmat suit. Scatter the ashes to the ocean.

There's no telling how buggered up the firmware is with malware after something of this level was attempted. If they had ASUS's signing keys, they might very well have Intel's ME signing keys too, in which case you'd be totally screwed no matter how well you thought you "scrubbed" the machine of the malware.

Though if you elected for the soap + rubber ducky submersed approach, it'd probably be pretty clean. Also a brick.

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