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Are you sure you've got a floppy disk stuck in the drive? Or is it 100 lodged in the chassis?

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Re: CDs were always noted as sub 5 year lifespan.

Archaeologists are tasked with digging up the past, not deciphering it. In this case, deciphering is the realm of the cuneiformists of the world, of which we are severely lacking in numbers. Last I heard, only around 2 or 3% of all the tablets ever found have actually been read/translated. Note the translation happens in wetware, which is slow for this kind of thing. It would be a lot faster if we had the afore mentioned hardware.

Instead of database technician, I prefer accountant. Writing was developed to ensure the GreatUnwashed pay their taxes. Followed immediately with a raise in said taxes to pay for it, no doubt. Politicians have always been evil.

(Disclaimer: I started learning cuneiform in it's various guises when I was young and deluded, thinking one could actually make a living contributing to knowledge of the past. Perhaps I'll take it up again if I ever retire. There has GOT to be something of interest in all those unread tablets besides "<this year> billy-bob had 15 she-goats with kids, harvested 22 bushels of wheat and made 75 gallons of wine and 40 pounds of cheese" and the like ... wouldn't it be cool to be the first to read it after 5,000 years?)

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