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VMware emits security alerts, Planet Hollywood chain hacked, SWAT death caller gets 20 years in clink, and more

Anonymous Coward
Anonymous Coward

SWAT Death

More than enough blame to go round here, yet only the moron who faked the call is being punished.

No charges being brought for negligence against the telecomms companies and police involved?

Why not?

This has happened so many times that no-one can claim to be unaware of it, and it could quite feasibly be stopped completely.

What's that you say? It would cost a little money, and cut down on opportunities for state endorsed psycopaths to kill entirely innocent people?

If that sounds harsh, then sorry but for the telecomms companies it's a small hit on bottom line, for police to go into a shoot first situation KNOWING that the alerting system is broken and that innocent parties will likely view it as a potentially lethal home invasion, with tragic consequences is criminally negligent at the very least, and at worst plain homicidal.

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