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Is that still going?

Planet Hollywood. Was never very successful. I remember when it was founded in the early 90s. Did look cool and word on the street was (falsely) that you'd see the founders there (Arnie, Bruce etc). I always thought back then how was it ever going to be successful when you have McDonalds and Burger King offering the same but cheaper.

Anyway. Then onto Apple

"Prosecutors said Ford had posed as Apple support and sent emails to the targets asking them to reset their accounts. When the marks went to the phishing page and entered the information, Ford was then able to access their accounts and get their credit card numbers."

Surely Apple is big enough they can implement the system where they only show the last 4 digits of your card number when you're in your account. So if your account is compromised no one can get the details. Even smaller companies do that. Can Apple get anymore incompetent.

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