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Re: Did you marry her? (was One, OK, hundred, I have my doubts)

When I was in the drawing office, an influx of school leavers were assigned, one to each department. Ours was a cute little thing, very easy on the eye, but severely lacking between the ears, we gave her the nickname "The Little Goldfish" because that was about the length of her attention span. She was completely innumerate, and made a complete hash of our filing system as she couldn't understand that drawing numbers are issued sequentially, and just filed any drawing in any drawer, no matter what it's subject matter was. Her next assignment was in the Post Room, but that only lasted a week because her method of sorting the mail was random, and you would be lucky if your mail ended up in the right building, let alone in the right department. Only thing she was any good at was making tea and coffee, so that's where she ended up, in the Catering Department, pushing a trolley with a tea urn around the factory. Even that caused trouble, work used to stop completely while she was on the factory floor, all the blokes were too busy ogling her as she went past. The Union was up in arms when the management decided to "let her go", so she was reassigned to pushing a trolley around the front office instead, where there were predominantly female employees. I left some three years later, and she was still there, pushing that trolley.

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