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Are you sure you've got a floppy disk stuck in the drive? Or is it 100 lodged in the chassis?

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At Uni where I was occasionally helping people out I had a friend (doing a not computer related degree) who complained that her work had gone missing. I asked her where she was saving it to and she proudly produced a floppy disc. She then showed me how she'd save it on the disc and come back to it the next day. However she showed me she was saving it to C: - specifically to a folder she had created called "A" that had now vanished. She did this because someone had told her to save it to the A drive. She had automatically seen the drive contents listed for the C drive and had naturally saved everything there in the A folder. She didn't realise that folders weren't drives and just assumed it was saving to the floppy because it was always there when she got in each day and put the floppy in.

The problem was the disc had proved to be empty when she was using her new housemates computer the night before. When she'd got into college the folder had disappeared there too and now she was frantic. The floppy needless to say when I checked it was completely blank. I asked if this was always the PC she used and yes it was apparently she got in every morning just as the college library opened. Therefore she had her pick of the computers and chose the one by the window so she got "More of the natural light". I asked one of the librarians if anything had changed with the computers and yes IT had taken one away for a service. In this case it meant a deep clean of both the internals and the hard drives.

I knew from talking to an IT bloke previously that the deep clean would have been a virus check followed by what we would now call a re-imaging of the drive. Fearing the worst I proceeded to check the other PC's that weren't being used hoping that one had just been moved. I eventually found the one with a folder marked "A" and a load of chapters of her dissertation. This was saved to the floppy and a bit of education on what drive were and what the difference between the C and A drives were. I told her to back up the stuff to at least one other disc as well just in case because she didn't want it going missing again did she? A few drinks later in the Union and she told me that she'd originally applied for a computing degree but hadn't got the grades the first time round. After retaking her A-levels she'd applied for the sociology course she was now on. I thought and she happily admitted that everyone had a lucky escape there.

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