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I was browsing the tech stuff in Tesco (I was waiting on the wife and ocassionally they have decent printer paper on offer, while perusing their terrible printers and commenting to the wife (who had then appeared) that you couldn't pay me to use one and why did people buy printers with combined colour cartridges.

Random office droid type woman mentions they have an Epson Inktank printer in the office and despite some serious use, its been extremely reliable and dirt cheap to run (well once you buy the printer), perhaps there are still some users out there with some smarts.

I was given a Canon IX4000 off freegle, not working, opened it up and discovered a rather large lump of blu tack had been ingested, removed it, put fresh cartridges in and it worked perfectly for about 4 years, where one day it just turned off...Hmmm says I, unplugged it and turned on and then promptly turned off again, no blinking lights

Replaced the PSU, no change, replaced something else (I forget what it was), googled various things to no avail then the wife needed another A3 printer so bought the latest iteration from Currys (IX6850 with tiny tanks)

I then chucked the IX4000, only to find several weeks later a webpage mentioning that this happens when the printhead wears out and they had had some choice words with Canon about this as it appeared this behaviour was chosen so that it would require a service call or the end user would just chuck it as "broken"

Wasn't impressed, particularly as the print quality on the IX4000 is better than the IX6850 by miles and it never clogged either (both ran on compatible cartridges) (The IX6850 keeps drifting out of alignment every other week - text gets blurry mid page, its a piece of junk Albeit the Epson Workforce WF7515 A3 multifunction she still uses as a scanner clogs constantly and is deafening when printing, sounds like its going to fall to pieces, scanning isn't quite either when using the ADF)

Thinking about an A4 colour laser and keep the A3 for the rare ocassions she needs A3 prints (seriously if anyone has a sprog on an Art / Graphic Design course, buy them an A3 inkjet and it'll save them a fortune in printing costs (a lot of the coursework requires multiple A3 printed prototype designs and an A2 final submission (I'm told someone on the wife's course had split the cost of an A2 printer with some friends as 4 years of printing costs rapidly add up)

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