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> each year we get new smartphones that are entirely incompatible with last year's, new mobe makers are appearing on the market and doing their damndest to differentiate

Citation needed for this, too.

The market has essentially come down to Android and iOS, and while some apps - especially games - do have to be retired due to OS/hardware changes (e.g. when Apple switched off 32-bit support), in general, there's been at least as much backwards compatibility as within the Windows PC eco-system.

I've been using Android phones since the early days (e.g. HTC Desire HD, 2010), and while there's been a bit of a bristles/broom-handle thing going on, for the most part, i'm still running the same tools and software that I've been building up over the last decade - Jorte for a calendar, Fing for network analysis, GPS Test for satellite monitoring, AI Reader for ebooks, etc.

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