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Yes the problem arises when some PHB comes along and thinks you are doing a "boring" job and wants to shift you to something "exciting".

A coworker and I were in a VP's office fixing his PC while he was on the phone. He was talking with an underling at a remote office. The VP basically states that the role this remote guy was doing, for 15 years, was "boring" and that he wanted him to use the weekend to come up with a plan to start doing what others at the remote site were doing (this was offering loans for companies by either engaging new clients and/or managing current ones).

After we fixed the VPs PC we left and started talking about how pissed over what we heard. We couldn't believe the horror that remote guy must have felt when some PHB was basically forcing him out of his comfort zone for 15 years to do something the PHB thought was more "exciting".

I never found out what happened to the remote guy but I always wondered if he just didn't do it in the hopes of never being "reformed" and staying at what he was comfortable with, of if he left the company, or God-forbid, had a heart attack.

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