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My other computer has a Dilbert cartoon bookmarked on the subject of "job interviewing" tech experts for solutions, but it appears that your client did it first.

From memory, the candidate tells Dilbert's boss that he would solve the problem he was asked about by "job interviewing" tech experts for a solution. Boss replies that this doesn't seem to be working.

Another method is to ask Stack Exchange or similar for a solution, but that has the drawback of revealing to the world the lousy software and systems that you work with, such as Excel for an enterprise-critical database file (I think that's a made up example when it applies to me... oh no I've just remembered the file name, it's real).

The trick is to ignore the two-cell column headings, but filter the data so that only properly formatted product codes are accepted... but then you're in trouble if someone mistypes a product code in Excel.

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